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Chromium Oxide Box

A simple box. Open on one side toward the house. Open at the bottom of another side to let light in but hide the view of the neighbors. Open at the opposite corner toward the back garden. Open at the top to the sky.

Outside, painted chromium oxide green. Not to hide. To be quiet from a distance, while being alive up close.

After 25 years in a tiny east Dallas house, this family just thought they wanted to add a dining room. What they needed was generosity, some room to breathe. Yes, we added a Dining Room; at 12 x 17 feet it is not the largest room in the house. But it does have an 11 ft ceiling, over 120 sq ft of glass, and a wall of bookshelves. More importantly, the public areas of the existing house were carefully re-organized to maximize the benefit of the addition; connecting the existing Living Room, a new Kitchen, and the added Dining Room into a single rectangle.